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The Crew of the Roisin Dubh


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Recent and Upcoming Events
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A listing of events and meeting gone by, and those to come.


Recent Events

Third Annual Baronial Rapier Challange
   After two hours sleep and a drive of 2 1/2 hours, we showed up just in time for armour inspection. The Captain did well in the first round winning 6 of 8 bouts, but ran out of energy in the second rounds winning only 2 of 8 bouts. Not bad for someone who was completely wiped out from lack of sleep (note to self: remember to take the day before tourneys off), Allan and Shannon did well as standard bearers and Muirghein looked lovely as the Captain's inspiration. All in all it was a good round of bouts (even when a certain "gentle" stabbed me in the side when I wasn't looking... you know who you are!!*grin*).
   The feast, prepared by the Honorable Lordship Yesungge Atlan, was a wonderful Roman style food fest. Most tasty!!

Upcoming Events (links open in new windows)

August 2nd to 5th
Will be a fun time with much good food.
August 30th - September 2nd
   A wonderful equestian event (that means horses for us sailor types) and hoping it doesn't rain like it did last year (6 hour downpour). Lot's of pomp and pagentry can be expected from Lord Cailean mac Kenzie.